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You Need to Maintain the Rubber Belt


Rubber Drive Belts are the application standard of many […]

Rubber Drive Belts are the application standard of many industries. Some of these industries include aggregation, mining, cement manufacturing, distribution and so on. The weight and size of these rubber conveyor belts may cause a heavy burden on the equipment. Since the standard recycling facility can not tear the belt due to its size and thickness, most facilities can only be placed on the property or transported to the dump where they are required to pay for the rubber products at an additional cost due to increased costs.

Some companies have recycled rubber belts for rubber carpets, rubber flooring and conveyors, or exported to other countries. Although the value of most of the conveyors used is not as valuable as the cost of moving it. In most cases, if you have enough quantity to prove travel and labor reasons, in most cases, you can at least free shuttle. This means that you have the space to get rid of the responsibility, you know that the used belt will be used in an environmentally friendly way.

The widespread use of conveyor belts includes mining and processing. The conveyor belt is long, sometimes run in the ground and carries material that may be stuck between the rollers. In the case where the material is jammed, it is difficult to track the problem. Maintenance issues include cleaning parts such as belts, rollers and pulleys, as well as scheduled replacement.

The cleaning system is a prerequisite for good maintenance when the material is caught between the pulleys or the belt surface. Need to be cleaned in four stages. The first stage is on the drive pulley, below the material flow. This is important when the material is thick. The next stage is called secondary cleaning, the cleaner is located behind the pulley; they are t-shaped or arm-shaped. The belt brush and plow cleaner are used to scratch the material on its return path. The material used for cleaning is rubber or polyurethane, which is strong enough to scratch, but not worn on the belt at the same time.

The maintenance of the system also depends on the strength of the belt and the type of material being transported.