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What is XL Timing Belts


Timing Belts work to transmit motion between pulleys on […]

Timing Belts work to transmit motion between pulleys on separate shafts.XL Belts in designed with trapizodial shaped tooth profile. XL is also designed as a timing belt.

XL Timing belts are classified under standard inch pitch timing belts and have a highly flexible neoprene backing that provides excellent abrasion and wear resistance.Recommended use when the power is transmitted from the back of the belt.


-Fabricated with fiberglass tensile cords to guarantee dimensional stability to eliminate take up adjustments.

-Backing material provide protection against oil, grease, dirt and moisture.

Dimensions: This 3/8” wide, 1/5 pitch (5.08mm) XL series belting is constructed of Neoprene with Fiberglass cords for superior strength and wear resistance. The belting is directly compatible with our XL series pinion pulleys and XL series hub pulleys.

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