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Vbelt Supply Keeps The Belt Up-to-date


With the industrial technology level of continuous impr […]

With the industrial technology level of continuous improvement and the mechanical equipment precision, lightweight, functional and personalized requirements, more and more transmission forms, the scope of its application more and more The more widely. As the main component of the belt drive - the belt is also changed from the original wearing parts to the direction of the functional parts, the variety specifications to the diversification of development, from the ordinary V-belt developed into a narrow V-band, wide V-band, trimming V and so on.

These belts have been widely used in automobile, machinery, textile, home appliances, agriculture and other fields, in the national economy and people's daily lives play an increasingly important role. With the variety of belt and the use of performance standards continue to improve, Vbelt Supply in the V belt production continue to use new materials, new technologies and new technology, the use of more advanced production equipment and testing methods.

China's V belt suppliers to use the production equipment over the years the introduction of digestion and absorption and self-development, has made great progress, especially since the 90s of last century, the production line V-belt and trimming V belt, On behalf of the production equipment has reached a considerable level, the basic can meet the needs of China's V-belt manufacturing.

In accordance with the purpose, Vbelt Supply to the belt is divided into industrial belts and car belts. The car's belt is divided into two kinds, one is for the car engine auxiliary components, bear the power transmission function, so that fans, generators, pumps, air conditioning and other devices in the normal operation of the working state. The other is to drive the internal combustion engine camshaft, fuel injection pump and balance shaft and other belts, the former is not necessary to ensure a strict speed, the general can be used friction belt, which must ensure accurate speed.