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V Ribbed Belt Is Used In Consumer Products


The V Ribbed Belt combine some of the best features of […]

The V Ribbed Belt combine some of the best features of flat belts and V-belts. Which employs a flat belt substantially with a series of ribbed belts extending over the length of the belt on the drive surface. These ribbed belt operate effectively and can run at high speed. But more importantly, the rally has full support, because the ribs are completely on the pulley; there is no wedging action. The total support of the cable allows high load capacity. Theoretically, if reinforced with high strength fibers, this design can provide any belt with the highest capacity. However, so far, in this type of belt there is no commercial demand for such special power capacity.

In the ribbed belt, the wedge increases the tension requirement, but not the level required for the leveling belt. Assume that the friction is not related to the contact surface. However, the V-rib shape increases the friction between the belt and the pulley much more than the friction of the flat belt. Therefore, the tension requirements are only about 20% higher than the V-belt. In addition, the ribs ensure that the belt is properly tracked so that alignment is less important than flat belts. Flat belt alignment is more important than V-belt.

The main application of the ribbed belt is mass production of consumer goods such as snow blowers, household electric tools and dryers. It is also on the car's attachments drive. The operating efficiency of the V-ribbed belt is comparable to that of the flat belt and the timing belt. It can also operate on a small pulley. Because it can be provided in a small width of a rib width, the belt can almost exactly match the power requirements of a particular drive. V-ribbed belts are not recommended for use with clutches. The belt performs well on the reverse bend idler, and most applications involve high speed ratios with reverse bending idlers for coiling and increase the winding of the smaller pulleys.

The most effective use of the ribbed belt is usually required to test the drive system. Pulleys may require some mold investment. Users can also carefully look at the belt manufacturer's technical help and design refinement. Therefore, the V-rib concept is almost always applicable to mass-produced drives. Because it has a very high rated power, it is possible to eliminate the matching belts in the V-belt drive. The power density also allows for a compact drive configuration.