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V Belt Conveyor Applications is Very Broad


V Belt conveyor has set up a file in the industrial and […]

V Belt conveyor has set up a file in the industrial and mining enterprises to a wide range of applications. Belt conveyors are an excellent choice for an inexpensive and simple method of moving products from one point to another. Conveyor belt is traction member and bearing structure, in a belt conveyer, occupies an important position, its value accounts for about a third of belt conveyor value. The belt itself is driven by a pulley attached to the engine crankshaft. Most cars have one or two drive belts.

In the rubber conveyor belt in use process, the most common problem: foreign body scratches, local foreign body injury, wear, perforation of the conveyor belt is usually caused by foreign bodies because local damage, according to the traditional method to remove all after repair and baking or scrap can use polymerrubber repair material,belt conveyor has strong adhesion, good wear resistance and excellent tensile properties. To introduce the three kinds of commonly used method.

1, the conveyor belt grinding. To mark the outline of the wound (should be damaged parts than big), then use professional Angle grinder, grinding degree with moderate tungsten steel grinding disc, the area of the grinding, until the damaged part surface present certain radian, and no flash can.

2, brushing glue. The grinding surface clean, then brush glue, wait for to slightly sticky but not attached to the back then. If the wound site rubber damage is too big, should be used to fill.

3, paste the patch. The wound site bonding patch, bonding process to avoid bag into the air. Then use roller compaction roller from inner to outer rolling patch, its compaction, side by side out of the bubble.