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Use The Pump To Adjust The Rubber Timing Belt


The main role of the rubber timing belt is used to driv […]

The main role of the rubber timing belt is used to drive the engine with the gas distribution mechanism, so that the engine into the exhaust valve at the appropriate time to open or close, to ensure that the engine cylinder can be properly inhale and exhaust. In some models in the timing belt is also responsible for driving the pump.

When the corner is removed, the rubber timing belt should be marked with a good timing mark, crankshaft gear and two camshaft gears. Three screws are used to remove the pump. Use the opening 41MM opening wrench to turn the pump counterclockwise. The belt can be removed. Replace the pump without removing the camshaft gear, only to remove the lower part of the timing of the belt cover bolt pull the timing belt cover to find the location you can get the pump. When installing the timing belt, the crankshaft gear counterclockwise back a little, taking into account the timing of the belt can be tightened when the positive mark, two camshaft gears two timing marks not only to align, but also and gear center In the same line, the timing of the wheel on the pointer to turn the pump repeatedly adjusted to align. All bolts are tightened as described in the manual, especially if the crankshaft pulleys are tightened.

On the formal with the problem of elasticity, must use a special pump tools, the pump on the regulation, the other is to ask the master, is not installed when the tension on the timing of the adjustment, and if the tension in the adjustment, Sounded. Also judge this sound, in the end is from the rubber timing belt or generator belt drive components. Yesterday to go back and check to open, the way the pump also changed, the last only for the three-piece belt, did not move the pump.

Use the pump to adjust the belt tightness, really is the rubber timing belt is too tight produce abnormal sound, because the tightening of the belt will have abnormal sound, loose loose will not have, tried a few times the car, then transferred to the pump It is probably about 1/3 of the tightening wheel to make it when the automatic transfer, but when there are some 1K turn any abnormal sound, but that master can not be transferred loose, afraid of the belt after the loose it can not automatically adjust Will jump teeth. Said the original car up tight wheel normal should have 2/3 of the margin automatically adjusted.