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Two Defferent Types of V Belt


The drive belt is the power of the motor or the engine […]

The drive belt is the power of the motor or the engine of the prime mover, which is transmitted from the tape to the mechanical equipment. It is also called the power belt. The modern widely used is the V-belt, also called the V-belt. It is the core of mechanical and electrical equipment components, more types, the use of very wide. From large to several thousand kilowatts of giant motor, small to less than a kilowatt of micro-motor, and even home appliances, computers, robots and other precision machinery are inseparable from the belt. It is the biggest feature is free to speed, far and near transmission, simple structure, easy to replace. Therefore, from the original machinery to the modern automatic equipment has a belt, the product has evolved several times, technology is also mature.

Although the transmission V-belt more types, transmission forms are different, but its composition and components are basically the same. Take the ordinary V-belt as an example, its composition generally includes compression glue, strong layer, buffer glue, stretch glue, cloth layer composition.

According to the V-belt with the cross-section structure can be divided into cloth-type V and trimming V-belt. Packed V-belt, generally need a single molding, vulcanization, to hang plastic canvas wrapped with the body, making it a whole; trimming V-belt, because the side of the tape structure is not covered cloth, the belt is very soft, Fatigue performance is very good, and thus get rapid development.

The cutting edge V belt is developed on the basis of the cloth tape V, and its model specification is the same as the cloth tape Rubber Drive Belts. Trimming V-belt compared with a high transmission efficiency, transmission power, long life, energy-saving effect is obvious and compact drive, high-speed transmission and so on. Trimming V-belt structure is characterized by two sides (face) without cloth, compressed plastic with directional short fiber, strong layer of rope with special hardening treatment of high-strength chemical fiber (usually polyester fiber). There are tooth, flat and laminated structure and other forms, the current trend of the tooth structure.