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Three Main Factors Affect The Rubber V Belt


A Rubber V Belt is a ring of flexible material for mech […]

A Rubber V Belt is a ring of flexible material for mechanically connecting two or more rotary shafts. The belt can be used as a motion source, with effective transmit power or tracking relative motion. Belt around the pulley. In a double pulley system, the belt can drive the pulleys in the same direction, or the belts can cross so that the axes are in the opposite direction. As a source of motion, the conveyor belt is an application in which the belt is adapted to continuously carry the load between two points.

The demand for rubber v belts varies from place to place, depending on its needs and uses. Rubber belt suppliers and manufacturers design conveyor belts and rollers according to customer specifications. These are widely used because it is flexible and light weight. Reduce the chance of accidents and labor injuries in the factory.

One of the most expensive repairs you may need to do on a vehicle is also one of the easiest to prevent a rubber V belt failure. When your vehicle gets older and accumulates mileage, its rubber V belt wears and becomes compromised. Rubber V-belt replacement is a simple service if the worn V-belt buckle can seriously damage your engine and cost thousands.

V-belt's life depends on three main factors. Manufacturing factors Installation factors and user factors Manufacturing processes involve the use of quality raw materials, recipes and process control. Installation factors involve alignment, tension. The user factor involves the actual run time, such as temperature, dust and other external elements of the existence of the problem. If we can provide the best, so endless V-belt life is endless.

One way to find out is to check the belt. If V-belt has tiny cracks, wear, rubber missing, peeling or otherwise damaged, need to be replaced. In addition, if the belt is oil soaked or "glazed" (hard luster on both sides of the belt), you need to replace it. One of these two conditions can cause the belt to run hot, which will weaken it and increase the risk of breaking.