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The way to select a suitable Turntable Belt


If you do not have access to the user's manual for your […]

If you do not have access to the user's manual for your turntable, which should specify the exact belt size and type you need, you can still figure out the belt size by simply measuring the broken belt. If you do not have access to the old turntable belt, you can measure out the necessary PK Belt length with a bit of string and a bit of patience.

When finding any part for a turntable, the first place to turn is to the manufacturer's website. You should be able to find information about the specific belt the turntable uses, and maybe even a PDF copy of the user's manual.

If you loved the performance from your old belt, the simplest way to replicate its performance is to measure it for length. This method only works if the condition of the previous belt is good enough to make measuring it feasible. Measuring belts that have broken in multiple places ones have worn too much to handle may yield an inaccurate size.

Measure belts that are still in a single piece by laying the belt flat from end to end. Make sure that it is straight but do not stretch it, as that produces an inaccurate measurement. Use a tape measure to ascertain the length of the belt and double that measurement to get the belt's circumference. For a broken belt, the process is actually a bit simpler: lay the belt out straight and flat, then measure from end to end.

In addition to the turntable belt's length, also pay attention to the style of belt and its thickness. Turntable belts come in three styles: flat, round, or square. The thickness and type of belt depends on the motor; if you run a belt that is too thick through the turntable, and may change the sound of turntable due to the way it turns through the motor. Flat belts are fairly standardized. When purchasing the new belt, find one that is that thickness to ensure the best possible sound from your turntable.

When the turntable belt is not available for measurement, use a ruler to measure the depth of the space between the tracks on the motor pulley.