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The Solution Of The Sound Of Automotive V Belts


There are abnormalities for the Automotive V Belts, man […]

There are abnormalities for the Automotive V Belts, many owners mistakenly believe that the belt is too tight or too loose caused by, in fact, this is the surface phenomenon, adjust the tensioner simply can not solve the problem. This is because the rubber is too hard, friction caused by slippage, friction caused by abnormal sound.

Automotive v belts issued a creak sound, under normal circumstances on behalf of the belt surface friction coefficient greatly reduced, has been excessive wear and tear. If you make a sound when the vehicle is loaded, you may want to observe one of the drive belts, and you will notice that the belt tension or the elasticity of the belt tensioner will increase abnormally.

Most belt automatic tensioners have a set of belt wear length indicia between their bottom and the jaw arm, along the direction of the slide. The mark consists of a pointer and two or three marks, which indicate the operating range of the belt tensioner. If the pointer is out of this range, then the belt is probably stretched too long and should be replaced. In the absence of the belt automatic tensioner installed in the middle of the two pulleys with a standard belt length measuring measure to measure. If there is a difference from the standard value, it is best to replace the belt.

If the belt is not over-stretched and the automatic tensioner is working well, look at whether the working surface of the belt is as smooth as the mirror. This is typical of the belt due to excessive wear caused by the phenomenon of slipping in the load, the pulley surface off the paint is the best proof of the phenomenon of slipping. If the belt squeaky sound often occurs in the wet weather, and the belt and pulley surface is also relatively smooth, so that auxiliary configuration in the system under the load, while the water on the belt, if the sound, then replace the belt.