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The Rubber Timing Belt Lets Your Engine Breathe Properly


Historically, the car was driven by a chained engine un […]

Historically, the car was driven by a chained engine until the mid-1960s, mass production of synchrotron devices began to appear. Their role in the internal combustion engine is quite simple, but also very important, because it is the crankshaft connected to the camshaft parts, while synchronizing them. In this way, the correct position of the valve relative to the movement of the piston in the cylinder, i.e. the proper breathing of the engine, is achieved.

One of the most expensive repairs you may need to do on a vehicle is the timing belt failure. When your vehicle gets older and accumulates mileage, its belt wear is also exacerbated. The belt replacement is a simple service, but if you continue to use the wear belt, it can seriously damage your engine and spend thousands.

The timing belt is a small rubber band that connects the crankshaft to the camshaft, and when the control valve opens and closes. Although the current formal belt has been very strong and durable, but will eventually wear out. If the timing belt is broken, the best case is the car will stop running. In the worst case, expensive engine damage can occur when the belt breaks.

In some cases, your vehicle will show signs of damage to the timing belt. If you find smoke from the tail pipe, the fuel can not burn normally, probably because the valve is not properly opened or closed. If the timing belt is extended or missing, it may affect the engine's rhythm, causing the vehicle to vibrate or shake.

Why is the timing of the repair costs too much? In most car engines, the timing belt is not easy to get, it is a labor-intensive work. In the case of Rubber Timing Belt repair, it is advisable to replace other components such as tensioners, idlers and pumps. This is part of what we call "preventive maintenance". The purpose of preventive maintenance is to replace the parts or parts before they fail.