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The Rubber Timing Belt Is A Mechanical Tool


The Rubber Timing Belt is a mechanical tool that transf […]

The Rubber Timing Belt is a mechanical tool that transfers motion from the crankshaft of the reciprocating internal combustion engine to the camshaft and sometimes transfers the movement to some engine-driven accessories. By connecting the crankshaft to the camshaft, it will hold the cam at a variable rate to rotate at the same speed as the crank. Each piston stroke ensures that the correct valve opens at the correct time.

If your car is to be working properly, all components of your engine must run at constant and regular motion. The rubber timing belt is a key component that keeps the engine components in sync. When it breaks or slips, your engine will not work properly and may make you in trouble. Professional auto mechanics should regularly check your rubber timing belt as part of the vehicle maintenance to ensure that it is not damaged or worn.

When the sync belt slides only one tooth, the engine stops running. In several cars, especially the piston and the valve will cause expensive damage. When the sync belt falls or fails, you will not be able to start the engine. If this happens, you should not try to start the engine again.

Most of the rubber timing belts are hidden under the protective cover and are not easy to see for inspection. This is why you need the help of a certified mechanic to determine if you need to replace it. Very often, timing belts also drive the pump, and you usually have to remove the belt to replace the pump. In most cases, the pump will be replaced with the belt to prevent the pump from malfunctioning again when labor-intensive maintenance. Replacement may be an expensive procedure because the replacement of the required labor. However, it is necessary and you can make one of the most important preventive repairs to the vehicle.