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The Rubber Drive Belts are Developing in New Direction


The Rubber Drive Belts are the power of the motor or th […]

The Rubber Drive Belts are the power of the motor or the engine of the prime mover, which is transmitted from the tape to the mechanical equipment through the pulley, so it is also called the power belt. Over the years, the belt production process in the world has not been a big change, but refining, molding, vulcanization of the three old technology. The difference is that the cut-type triangular belt eliminates the V-belt forming when the cloth, and after cutting in the vulcanization, while increasing the grinding process.

For the toothed belt is in the toothed groove on the model, the first into the outsourcing of canvas, and then was wrapped around the core spiral, and then covered with rubber sheet, together with the model into the vulcanization tank vulcanization. At this time, the use of rubber in the plastic flow in the heating, from the core of the gap cans into the mold teeth to form teeth, vulcanization and then removed from the model into the appropriate width. This production process, the manufacturing process of the belt artificially divided into several pieces, can not be linked together; coupled with the belt specifications too much, the production volume is very small, frequent product changes, to the continuous process equipment, automation brought Many difficulties, the production efficiency is very low.

At present, the development trend of foreign countries is to study the continuous production of the process and improve the level of equipment control, which will greatly improve the production efficiency. Traditional rubber processing methods. Now, the polyurethane liquid processing technology in small and micro-belt, has occupied the dominant position is very optimistic.

Also, the mixing of short fiber rubber is also a major issue in today's world belt industry. How to make the staple fiber in the rubber evenly dispersed, and to solve the resulting high viscosity of the compound, resulting in the phenomenon of reduced production efficiency, the need for mixing methods and control methods have a new breakthrough. In addition, the short fiber rubber fiber orientation is also a problem can not be ignored, usually using calendering machine and extruder orientation for the film, according to the flow direction of the film method is not the best good policy. Nonwovens, composite sheet is the future development direction.