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The PK Belt Can Be Repaired With Cold Vulcanization


The PK Belt has the power transmission capability of th […]

The PK Belt has the power transmission capability of the V-belt, with the flexibility of the flat belt. The belt runs cooler and lasts longer than the standard V-belt. The uniform distribution of pressure on all parts of the drive surface provides a uniform load distribution, smooth operation, better impact resistance and greater stability, resulting in longer life. The treated polyester cord is a low tensile, high strength tensile member that can withstand the impact load of a drive with a fixed center. Heat-resistant synthetic rubber is used in PK bands to provide support for tension members and transfer loads to pulleys.

Part of the PK belt scratches, wear the fastest site repair method is cold vulcanization repair. Cold vulcanization repair can solve a variety of conveyor belts, drum long distance scratches and wear problems. The biggest feature of cold vulcanization repair is the ability to quickly repair, that is, repair and use, and because of the development of adhesive, cold vulcanization bonding strength can meet the DIN industry standard.

Cold vulcanization repair used by the cold vulcanized adhesive sk313 can be done at room temperature automatically with the semi-vulcanized layer of repair with the vulcanization reaction, repair time and complete on-site operation without the need to disassemble the conveyor belt, and the required tools are simple, save time and energy.

The mark line is drawn at the center of the broken part, and the mark line is wider than the damaged part by about 2-3 cm. The size of the patch can be as long as the area of the area marked with the mark line can be consistent. Polishing is best to use high-power low-speed angle grinder with tungsten steel grinding disc for the marked parts of the polished. At the same time be sure to pay attention to the depth of grinding than the thickness of the repair, which can avoid the repair of the patch was scratched. In order to be able to make the repair and repair parts can be truly seamless bonding, must use the cleaning agent on the damaged surface of the depth of cleaning and drying, which can be rubber surface of the oil and other stains clean, and thus enhance the bonding strength The While waiting for the cleaning agent to dry, the cold vulcanized adhesive SK313 can be mixed with the hardener in proportion. And then evenly spray the mixed liquid in the damaged parts and repair the blue layer on the blue, and dry to the non-stick fingers can be. Adhesive repair, the use of compaction roller compaction, to avoid the bonding surface and repair the middle of the residual air.