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The Methodof Solving The Rubber V Belt Deviation


Conveyor belt deviation is a common fault. In order to […]

Conveyor belt deviation is a common fault. In order to solve this kind of fault, pay attention to the dimensional accuracy of the installation and the daily maintenance. There are a variety of reasons for deviation, need to be dealt with according to different reasons.

The rubber belt of the belt machine is running over the whole process, and the position of the roller group can be adjusted. The mounting holes on both sides of the manufacturing roller set are machined into long holes for adjustment. The specific method is the side where the belt is biased, which side of the roller group is moved forward or forward in the direction of the belt. The rubber belt moves upwards, the lower part of the roller group should move to the left, the upper position to move to the right.

There are many types of aligning roller sets, such as intermediate shaft type, four-link type, vertical roller type, etc., the principle is to use the block or roller in the horizontal direction of the rotation to stop or produce horizontal thrust, so that the belt automatically adjust the deviation The problem is generally reasonable when the total length of the transport aircraft is short or when the transport is operated in both directions. The reason is that the shorter belt conveyor is more prone to deviation and is not easy to adjust. And long belt conveyor is best not to use this method, because the rubber belt will have a certain impact on the life.

Driving the drum and the adjustment of the drum is the rubber belt to adjust the adjustment of the positive link. Because a belt at least 2 to 5 drums, all the drum installation position must be perpendicular to the belt length of the center line, if the skew is too large inevitable deviation. For the head roller, the belt to the right side of the drum deviation, the right side of the bearing seat should move forward, the belt to the left side of the roller deviation, the left side of the bearing should move forward. You need to adjust the bearing repeatedly until the Rubber V Belt is in a better position. It is advisable to install the position correctly before adjusting or reversing the drum.