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The Life Of The Rubber Timing Belt Is Shorter


The main role of the Rubber Timing Belt is to drive the […]

The main role of the Rubber Timing Belt is to drive the engine with the gas distribution mechanism, so that the engine into the exhaust valve at the appropriate time to open or close, to ensure that the engine cylinder can normally inhale and exhaust. In some models in the rubber timing belt is also responsible for driving the pump. The rubber timing belt has a plurality of rubber teeth on its inside, and the timing belt cooperates with the grooves on the top of the corresponding rotating teeth (camshafts, water pumps, etc.) to enable the engine crankshaft to pull other operating parts and hold the driven parts Synchronous operation. You can view the timing of the belt as a soft gear. At the same time when the belt work also need to tighten the wheel (automatically or manually adjust its tightness) and idler (guide belt running direction) and other accessories with the work.

The rubber timing belt is often deactivated before the engine has reached its end of life, causing the engine to fail. The material used in the belt is less resistant to aging and plays an important role in the sensitivity of temperature changes. In contrast, the chain damage is rare, so the chain drive usually has almost the same life as the engine.

In principle, in the case of mass production use, for the timing belt drive or chain drive, there is no obvious advantages and disadvantages. The timing of the adjustment and the assembly cost of the gears and the assembly of the gears are similar. For chain drives, it is necessary to ensure a very tight seal. So the timing of the chain drive mechanism cover need to spend a little more assembly time, but by using pre-assembly module, this mechanism can also shorten the engine assembly time.

The modern car engine maintenance requirements more and more urgent, which is to promote the car engine structural innovation important driving force. Due to the complexity of the maintenance of the timing drive, the cost is expensive, it is necessary to reduce the cost of maintenance and after-sales service if the timing mechanism achieves this requirement. In many engines, the timing of the failure caused by the engine failure than the chain, wearing the service life depends on the replacement cycle.