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The Influencing Factors of Rubber Timing Belt


In recent years, due to the car on the environmental pr […]

In recent years, due to the car on the environmental protection, comfort and other performance requirements are getting higher and higher, the entire engine structure is compact, the engine front attachment wheel increasingly complex. The working condition of the transmission wheel directly affects the reliability of the vehicle work, especially the Rubber Timing Belt bearing the synchronous transmission of the engine. If the timing belt is not synchronized caused by abnormal, may cause the valve and the piston impact and thus cause catastrophic damage to the engine.

Rubber is an important component of timing belt, and the aging process of rubber products is always in progress. In the normal working environment, the timing belt can achieve an ideal service life, and in the actual use and maintenance, we are likely due to some improper handling and affect the life of the belt. So the maintenance of the timing belt is very important.

Do you know which factors affect the service life of the timing belt? Lubricants will accelerate the aging process of rubber. Therefore, in the demolition, installation timing belt, if the hands stained with grease, please wipe clean and then operate. Remember, do not put the belt in the oil. If you are accidentally sticking to the oil, please use it carefully, it is best to immediately replace.

For the accessories belt, they are using both sides of the belt and the friction between the pulley to achieve the transmission. Therefore, the size of the installation tension directly affects the use of the transmission belt. If the tension is too small will cause the belt slip. Slip not only exacerbates the wear on both sides of the belt but also accelerates the aging process of the belt. If the installation tension is too large, it may lead to the belt layer and thus lose their ability to work.

Timing belt plays an important role in the operation of the car, so we should pay attention to its influencing factors and avoid accidental damage.