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The Importance of CVT Belt


CVT Belt is a stepless variable speed variable transmis […]

CVT Belt is a stepless variable speed variable transmission, electric drive, hydrostatic transmission and dynamic pressure (torque converter) transmission, can achieve stepless speed change, but the car CVT generally refers to the mechanical continuously variable transmission , And mainly friction drive. Bluntly, that is, two wheels and a belt, change the radius ratio of the two rounds to change the transmission ratio, to achieve the movement and power transmission changes.

Continuously variable transmission and the common hydraulic automatic transmission is the biggest difference in the structure, the latter is composed of hydraulic control gear transmission system, or a gear, it can be achieved in the two gears between the stepless speed , While the CVT is two sets of variable speed wheel and a belt, than the traditional automatic transmission structure is simple, smaller. In addition, it can freely change the transmission ratio, in order to achieve the whole process of variable speed, so that the speed changes more smoothly, there is no traditional transmission shift that "Dayton" feeling.

The car's reserve power determines the car's climbing ability and acceleration capability. The greater the car's reserve power, the better the car's power. Due to CVT's stepless speed change, the maximum backup power can be obtained, so the dynamic performance of CVT is significantly better than mechanical transmission (MT) and automatic transmission (AT).

CVT uses the drive belt (CVT belt) and variable slot width of the ratchet for power transmission, that is, when the ratchet change slot width, the corresponding change between the drive wheel and the drive wheel on the contact radius of the transmission speed. CVT belts are with a general rubber band, metal and metal chain.

CVT belt is indispensable in CVT, It is the basis for CVT to show its function. It uses environmentally friendly materials, will not pose a threat to the environment. Can make CVT fuel consumption improved by 7%, and it has excellent anti-fatigue, heat resistance characteristics, reducing the frequency of replacement.