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The Factors Affect the Price of Conveyor Belt


What factors affect the price of conveyor belt ?Dependi […]

What factors affect the price of conveyor belt ?Depending on the function of rubber conveyor belt, at the time of production will join different medium, so as to make the rubber conveyor belt with a heat resistant conveyor belt, wear-resisting, resistance to burning, oil resistant, alkali resistant, alkali resistant, tropical, cold resistance and other properties. The rubber conveyor belt mainly used in mining, metallurgy, steel, coal, water and electricity, building materials, chemical industry, food companies such as solid material delivery. Rubber conveyor belt in the storage and transportation should be isolate fire, avoid sharp instrument, and has great corrosive chemicals contact, avoid long-term stored in sunlight.

Different product price setting standards is different, so for the conveyor belt industry, what are the factors that affect the conveyor belt price? Professional conveyor belt factory for everybody below analysis is as follows:

The first point: conveyor belt material, conveyor belt is mainly composed of rubber and canvas, rubber to occupy the main part of the conveyor belt, rubber prices fluctuated in the past two years, sometimes high, causing low profits of conveyor belt,

The second point: the workers and management cost.

The third point: conveyor belt cover glue layer thickness and how many also decided the price of the conveyor belt.

Fourth: application to the conveyor belt of the market of conveyor Rubber Timing Belt in a wide range of industries. Such as: coal market's influence on the conveyor belt price, over the years, the coal at the same time of increasing production, constantly in lower production costs, due to the conveyor belt production enterprise is numerous, coal selection of product and price scope is bigger, conveyor belt factory already did not have the core competitiveness and price control, it is firmly control in the hands of the buyer.

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