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The Examination And Installation Of The Rubber Timing Belt


Today, with the increasing degree of advanced cars, mai […]

Today, with the increasing degree of advanced cars, maintenance of the workload will be gradually reduced. As a result, owners often think that their vehicles do not need to repair. And the car manufacturers clearly stipulate the timing belt for routine inspection and replacement cycle, as a professional maintenance technician, you should explain this to the owner: as a regular maintenance, a comprehensive inspection of the contents of the timing of the maintenance of the belt Should be added to regular maintenance procedures. If you ignore this point, there is no regular inspection, timely replacement of faulty timing belt, may lead to serious consequences.

The normal life of the timing belt is affected by three factors: the natural aging of the rubber parts, the impact of strong changes in the impact of damage, long-term uniform use of tension relaxation.

Unlike the drive belts of the accessory devices, they are easy to see and easy to check. Timing belt is often hidden behind a lid, according to the engine and engine compartment layout to reach. The timing belt is not broken, does not mean it is no problem. As the belt is more old, the extent of its stretching is bound to exceed the range in which the tensioning device can compensate, resulting in a sprocket skid.

Rubber Timing Belt in the installation, the crank pulley and timing pulley on the mark and the cylinder block on the timing of the marked on the cover to ensure that the installation is correct. Adjust the tension of the timing belt, with the thumb and forefinger pinch the camshaft gear and the middle shaft gear check the middle of the toothed belt to just turn 90 degrees for the right. If the toothed belt is too loose, you can release the tension wheel nut, turn the tension wheel until the toothed belt tension is appropriate.