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The Drive Belt is Used to Connect of the Car


There are various mechanical parts in the market. All o […]

There are various mechanical parts in the market. All of these, small or large, are very important to the Rubber Drive Belts. Among the many components, the belts are fairly simple and common, and they are also indispensable.

A belt is a ring of flexible material for mechanically connecting two or more rotary shafts. Usually the belt is wrapped around the pulley. They are very good with the pulley, to achieve a certain function. They can be used as motion sources, to track relative motion or to efficiently transmit power. When the design of the belt and pulley work together, you can achieve power transmission. The belt is the cheapest use of power transmission between axes that may not be axially aligned compared to other components.

The belt has a wide range of uses. For example, belts are typically used for power transmission. It is a seamless belt used to transfer torque and power from one wheel or shaft to another in a machine or any mechanical system. As mentioned above, the belt works with the pulley to carry out power transmission.

In the vehicle, there is also a drive belt system that supplies power to pumps, air conditioning, power steering, brakes and alternators in other components. Since electricity is very important for regular operation of the vehicle, it is clear that this important component also plays a very important role in power generation. Therefore, the owner is very much need to look after the transmission belt, and in each change when the oil to check. This means ensuring that there is no problem with regular work, which will also ensure that the entire system is working properly.

There are also some including AC belt, fan drive belt, distributor drive belt, Dora V belt and serpentine belt. Because of their simplicity and efficiency, these are usually used in cars. It consists of long, sturdy belts that connect to different belts, which are connected to different car functions.