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The Different Timing Belt Will Appear Failure


Synchronous Rubber Timing Belt is sometimes referred to […]

Synchronous Rubber Timing Belt is sometimes referred to as camshaft belts or Gilmer bands. It is a notched belt made of rubber which enables the crankshaft to rotate the camshaft and open and close the engine valve in synchronism with the piston. In the later models, the timing belt has basically replaced the metal timing chain.

What happens when you have a different sync belt problem? V-belt if the failure occurs, will sound, the attachment may not work properly. If it fails, its power supply accessories will stop working. The cause may include normal wear or fluid contamination.

A serpentine belt is a single, long belt that drives all the engine components that would otherwise be powered by multiple v-belts. Serpentine belts are most common in newer cars, and are essentially the standard for the modern vehicle. If the serpentine belt fails, the accessory may not work properly, the car may be difficult to start or can not start, and the belt may be screaming. The cause may include cracking, abrasion or peeling, fluid contamination and belt tension.

If the timing belt fails, your car may be free, or you may hear the sound of the motor compartment. The damage to the belt causes your car to not work at all. It may also damage the valve and the piston seriously. The cause may include wear, slip, or liquid contamination.

The dirt, oil, water and excess heat on the road are enemies that can cause the belt problem, and you should always check your vehicle by the mechanic to determine if your belt needs to be adjusted or replaced. The timing belt is generally long life, but if the timing belt fails, given the potential consequences, the importance of periodic inspections can not be overestimated.