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The CVT Belt Drives The Gearbox For Efficient Operation


One of us some people ask their own questions. Or even […]

One of us some people ask their own questions. Or even by a friend or customer. I have a CVT gearbox for the car and I have been wondering how CVT works. I know it is driven by the CVT Belt, but I do not know how the belt is driven, and how a belt can work with "gear".

Now, CVT gearbox is the mainstream, they used to be mostly people riding on the CVT car. The first thing we notice first is that it does not have Shift or Step when switching gears. CVT gearbox is designed to improve the efficiency of the engine in acceleration and uplift. They also provide you with a better fuel mileage, and the benefits over the years have consistently surpassed the way they have this interest. CVT gearboxes are not always the most reliable when CVT transmissions are first introduced into cars.

CVT gearbox has three main components. There is a drive pulley, drive pulley and CVT belt. Known belts are high strength rubber or metal. The two pulleys also have clutches and jackets, which will move the side of the pulley so that the car gearbox computer determines the required proportions wider or narrower. By doing so, you can have almost countless proportions. When this happens, the other pulley will do the opposite to change the ratio so that it needs to be exported to the wheel. Therefore, you will not have any form of "change" or "feel". Drive the pulley connected to the car crankshaft. The driven pulley is called because the drive pulley is rotating. This is called an output pulley, and the drive shaft is connected to it.

The advantage of having a CVT belt drive is huge! Because you do not have to wait for transmission transfer and get this power. You will also improve fuel efficiency, always better control emissions, and the travel process is very smooth. Some of the shortcomings may have to pay the cost of replacing it, the early CVT belt is not the most reliable, but recently this year getting better and better.