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The Consequences Of The Rubber Timing Belt Fracture


Today we want to talk about the Rubber Timing Belt. The […]

Today we want to talk about the Rubber Timing Belt. They are something that many people do not understand much, but if the vehicle is damaged, your vehicle will not run if it is broken, which could cause thousands of dollars in losses.

Let's take a look at the role of the timing belt. As you know, the power of the engine is produced in the cylinder. The piston moves up and down in the cylinder. During the first sub-stroke, the intake valve at the top of the cylinder opens and the air and fuel are drawn into the cylinder. Then the piston returns to the top, compressing the fuel and mixing the air. At the top, the spark plug fires and ignites the fuel to push the piston down in the power stroke. As the piston returns again in the final stroke of the cycle, the exhaust valve opens at the top of the cylinder and the exhaust is pushed out. The timing belt is what is coordinated into the exhaust valve opening and closing. It is called a synchronous belt because the valve must be opened and closed at the right time.

Now, not all cars have a timing belt. Some have a time chain. As the name suggests, they use the chain instead of the belt to perform the function. Previously, most engines used timing chains, which were very durable. The manufacturer begins to use the belt rather than the chain to save money in the manufacturing process.

There are two main categories of engine design: interference and no interference. If the timing belt on the non-interfering engine is broken, the engine will stop running. This may be very dangerous depending on where you were, but it would not cause damage to the internal engine. On the other hand, when the timing belt breaks, the interfering engine will become really confusing because the valve will actually fall into the piston path. Things are chewed in this case and the repair engine will cost thousands of dollars.

So what is the warning sign? In some vehicles, the technician may be able to see a part of the belt for visual inspection, but there are some obstructions in many vehicles. The fact is that if the belt even slips a grade, it may also be destroyed by all the damage caused. There is no middle ground.