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The Automotive V Belts Become An Effective Solution


The V-shaped track of the belt is tracked in the mating […]

The V-shaped track of the belt is tracked in the mating groove in the pulley (or pulley) so that the belt can not fall. As the load increases, the belt also tends to wedge into the groove, the greater the load, the greater the wedging action, the improved torque transmission and the automotive v belts as an effective solution. They may be supplied in a variety of fixed lengths or as segments, where segments (splices) form bands of desired length.

For high power requirements, two or more automotive v belts can be connected side by side in a multi-V or belt-like belt arrangement to run on a matching multi-slot pulley. The strength of these bands is obtained by reinforcing fibers such as steel, polyester or aramid.

How do we measure automotive v belts? The easiest way to find the external length is to use a fabric tape to get a circumferential reading. If there is no fabric tape, wrap a rope on the belt, cut it at the junction, and measure it. If you do not have any strings, you can place the belt vertically and then scroll until it rotates completely. The distance traveled will be your external distance.

The interior length is tricky place. It is very difficult to measure the inside of a round object with a tape or a rope because you can not apply tension to it. There are special measuring instruments dedicated to automotive v belts, but if you do not have one, then it seems almost impossible. A simple and inexact way to find out how long should it be inside, wrap your rope on a pulley system, your belt will be installed and measured. As mentioned above, this is a bit inaccurate.

Of course, if you like a shortcut, the V belt's internal length does not need to "measure" at all. As long as you know the outer length of the belt, the top width and height, the internal length can be inferred from the outside.

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