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The Appearance of the Drive Belt is from Time to Time


The Rubber Drive Belts are the power of the motor or th […]

The Rubber Drive Belts are the power of the motor or the engine of the prime mover, which is transmitted from the tape to the mechanical equipment through the pulley, so it is also called the power belt. It is the core of mechanical and electrical equipment components, many types of unusually wide range of uses. From large to several thousand kilowatts of giant motor, small to less than a kilowatt of micro-motor, and even including home appliances, computers, robots and other precision machinery are inseparable from the belt.

There are generally several types of belts: flat belts, V-belts, round belts and timing belts. Flat belt with a belt is the oldest variety, about 100 years of history, but until the mid-20th century, still occupy about half of the belt in the market share. Flat belt with a simple structure, convenient drive, from distance restrictions, easy to adjust and replace the characteristics of various industrial and agricultural machinery has been widely used. V-belt, also known as the V-belt is the largest output in the belt, the largest variety, the most widely used a product. V-belt is the main equipment of various mechanical power transmission and transmission. It plays an increasingly important role in the fields of agricultural machinery, machine tools, automobile, ship, office equipment and so on.

The circular belt is a circular belt with a circular cross section, which is free to bend and drive. This kind of belt is made of polyurethane, usually no core, the structure is the most simple, easy to use. Round belt for the tape drive opened up a new way, the world in small machine tools, sewing machines, precision machinery and other aspects of the rapid growth in demand, the future great potential. Tooth belt is also known as timing belt, divided into single-sided toothed belt and double-sided toothed belt two types. The former is mainly used for single shaft drive, which is multi-axis or reverse drive. The tooth belt is divided into trapezoidal and circular arcs according to the shape of the teeth, and the torque of the synchronous belt of the circular tooth is the largest. Used for synchronous transmission, low noise requirements of the occasion.

The biggest feature of the drive belt is free to speed, far and near transmission, simple structure, easy to replace. Therefore, from the original machinery to the modern automatic equipment has a transmission belt, the product has evolved several times, technology matures.