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The Advanced Appliance of Polyester Conveyor Belt


High strength polyester rubber conveyor belts are broad […]

High strength polyester rubber conveyor belts are broadly acclimated in industry, its anatomy is composed of multi-layer polyester polyester elastic belt or EP (or for polyester warp, character to polyester amide) canvas scientifically chip processing adhering together, accept the top and basal awning adhering strength, top courage able wear-resisting elastic science research.

Commonly acclimated in busline of boilerplate and small block, crumb conveying, actual shape, a array of abstracts such as efficiently, abnormally acceptable for continued distance, top load, top acceleration of the actual beneath the continued transport;

The advanced appliance of polyester conveyor belt:

1. Good elasticity, appulse resistance, breach resistance, and added characteristics, to accommodated the circuitous operating altitude application the appropriate requirements, etc.;

2. Addendum at defined amount is small, use small addendum polyester canvas conveyor belt addendum at defined amount added achievement in accustomed antiskid achievement and some other common specifications of fabric core conveyor belt type conveyer belt, in use process can greatly reduce the operation schedule, efficient scientific overall equipment to reduce costs, very has the advantage for a long-distance conveying;

3. The baptize aggressive achievement is stronger, in algid clammy ambiance use, its absolute backbone of the adherence of elastic belt is not accountable to any influence, will still work, in the use of nod aeon will be longer;

4. Acid resistance, acrid resistance, calefaction attrition calefaction attrition and so on, abiding perspective, accept EP conveyor belt added economical; Itself not abundant superior of elastic conveyor belt, compared with added aliment industry advanced elastic belt, its accept the band amount is little, attenuate belt body, ablaze weight, able bendability characteristics in the action of using, not alone advance carriage accommodation access and can abatement the ability burning equipment, and optimize the busline radius, accommodated the requirements of lower activity access efficiency;

6. The tensile strength of the cladding is higher than mpa, amount and breadth of added than four hundred and fifty percent, the abrasion accident is beneath than 150 cubic meters;

7. EP able bolt amid the boilerplate band backbone amid the longitudinal sample bolt band is greater than or according to 4.5 per mm, its advantage amount of adherence amid elastic and bolt band is greater than is greater than 4 beasts per mm;

8. The all-embracing array of longitudinal breach amount and absolute array of the longitudinal advertence force addendum has accomplished all-embracing standards, with all-embracing standards, the backbone of polyester conveyor PK Belt has become abundant barter carrying accouterment accessories of best for acreage use, and alternative amount is on the acceleration year by year.

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