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Tension Wheels Prevents Rubber Drive Belts From Slipping


The engine rubber Rubber Drive Belts are an important p […]

The engine rubber Rubber Drive Belts are an important part of the engine transmission system, the role is when the engine is running, under the action of the belt to drive the engine other accessories work, such as cooling water pumps, air conditioning pumps, generators, steering pumps and so on. Pure original belt, the use of characteristics of the formula raw materials, a stringent production process in accordance with the original model specifications and technical requirements of manufacturing, with good material, long life, and other advantages.

Rubber drive belts are an important component of automobile engine air distribution system, through the connection with the crankshaft and with a certain transmission ratio to ensure that the inlet and exhaust time is accurate. With the aging of the drive belt, the degree of stretching is bound to exceed the range that the tensioner can compensate, resulting in a belt slip, which may cause serious cracking. As the timing belt is a rubber products have a certain life, according to the different car brands and models need to regularly check the engine timing belt, and according to the inspection to determine whether the need to replace.

The tensioning wheel is a belt tensioning device for the automobile transmission system. It is mainly composed of a fixed shell, a tightening arm, a wheel body, a torsion spring, a rolling bearing and a spring bush, according to the different tightness of the belt, Tight force, so that the transmission system is stable and reliable, and can prevent slipping. Counterfeit tires can not guarantee the belt in a reasonable life cycle of normal operation, prematurely appear dying teeth and broken and other conditions, resulting in the engine drive belt detachment or fracture. For your safety, please use the original original belt tensioner.

Car manufacturers clearly stipulated that the timing of the regular transmission system replacement time is generally 60,000 km, but this does not take into account the actual use of the argument, the timing of the quality of the belt of the merits of the distinction between the different use of different aging time The Generally require the use of time for 3-4 years of the majority, there are time up to 10 years or longer. The time and usage of kilometers can be used as a reference for measuring wear conditions. It is advisable to check the rubber drive belts regularly, especially after 60,000 or 3 years of use, if you have to change the above two points.