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Some Information about V-ribbed belt


What is the definition of "V-ribbed belt"? A type of V […]

What is the definition of "V-ribbed belt"? A type of V Belt that combines elements of a flat belt and a classical V-belt. The V-ribbed belt resembles a flat belt on top with V-shaped ribs on the bottom.

Classic V-Belts are made of rubber for heat resistance and long lasting durability. Browning ground form design reduces vibration and increases belt and bearing life. Greater belt sidewall area increases HP capabilities. Cover on top and bottom of belt increases stability and lowers cord stress.

The V-Belt is an adherence power transmision belt.

There are some types of V-belt :

· Conventional V-belts:

· Wrapped type Z, A, B, C and D...

· Cogged type ZX, AX, BX, and CX...

· Narrow V-belts:

· Wrapped type SPZ, SPA, SPB and SPC...

· Cogged type XPZ, XPA,XPB and XPC...

V-belt Applications:

They have a wide range of applications in agricultural and industrial machinery.

1. Cement mixers

2. Garden equipment

3. Industrial installation

4. Industrial motors

5. Wood industry

6. Agriculture

7. Eenergy

8. Hheavy industries

9. Pumps

10. Mines and quarries