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Solid Woven Conveyor Belt


PVC stands for the solid woven belt with PVC cover. Sol […]

PVC stands for the solid woven belt with PVC cover.

Solid Woven PVC Conveyor Belts are resistant to edge wear, moisture, mildew, rot and delamination.Non pressed PVC type is suitable for applications in dry conditions at a slope angle of no greater than 16 degrees. The belt is non-pressed with cover no more than 0.8mm.

Pressed PVC type, both top and bottom covers are PVC, thickness of each side can be up to 4mm, the belt has much more advantages than non pressed PVC belt on impact resistance, water soaking, with longer service life, higher fastener holding.


· PVC belt has a durable tight woven polyester carcass that is co-extruded with a blue PVC covering both top and bottom. No delamination occurs under normal operating conditions. PVC has better characteristics of resistance to oils and some solvents, wear resistance and mildew resistance.

· Manufactured with a tight woven carcass and resilient PVC cover, our PVC belts will resist bolt pulling through which means a reliable and secure ixing of the bucket to the belt.

· Flexibility allows for a smoother running along the elevator pulley. Not easy to off track.

· Fire resistance and anti-static properties of the PVC make this belt ideal for using in grain handling applications.

PVG stands for the solid woven belt with PVG cover (nitrile rubber)

PVG type is covered with covers mainly composed of rubber, which further improves the troughability, resistance to wetness and slip, resistance to low temperature, elongation and wear resistance of the belt. Both top and bottom cover are PVG, the belt can be used to carry materials mixing some water at the slope no more than 20 degree,elongate life of belt


· Anti slide caused by wetness good climbing capacity

· Low-temperature resistant

· Good elasticity, anti-impact

· Low elongation at rated load ,suitable for long distance conveying

· Tear resistant, good flexing capacity

· Long service life
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