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Save Costs By Replacing The Rubber Timing Belt


The Rubber Timing Belt is a rubber band with a tooth th […]

The Rubber Timing Belt is a rubber band with a tooth that transmits power through the pulley. The teeth on the belt grab the gears, just like the pump on the water to adjust the coolant into the engine. If your vehicle has an interference with the engine, then the disconnected belt may mean a loss of thousands of dollars.

Your timing belt will fail, there are two common reasons: as your vehicle travels farther, the rubber teeth inside the belt are worn. If worn to the timing belt can no longer reproduce the gripping gear, it will slide and cause the piston and valve to pump out synchronously. Most manufacturers recommend replacing the timing belt between 90 and 105 thousand miles. If the pump in your vehicle grips the gear will stop turning, the force will break the belt. This is often caused by failure of the cooling system. If the coolant does not always rinse, your vehicle is at risk of cooling system and pump failure.

In the interference of the engine, the piston moves up and down. Above these pistons, there are smaller valves (upper and lower pumps). The timing belt controls the operation of these two components to ensure that they move synchronously so that the valve and the piston never meet. When the sync belt slips or breaks in the jamming engine, the piston and the valve are not synchronized - the piston continues to pump, the strong hit (and almost always break) the valve.

Even in a non-interfering engine, the disconnected synchronous belt can also immediately turn off your vehicle engine so that you and your family are trapped on the roadside and can no longer run the vehicle. By removing the timing belt now save some money, you risk the safety of the family and the vehicle, risking a lot of loss will be more expensive. Changing your sync belt is not optional, although the replacement of the timing belt takes thousands of boring, but you can handle several other projects at the same time, can save the cost of belt damage caused by the change, they changed the pump and tension.