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Rubber Drive Belts Need to Check This Matters


Rubber Drive Belts are an important part of the engine […]

Rubber Drive Belts are an important part of the engine air distribution system, through the connection with the crankshaft and with a certain transmission ratio to ensure that the intake, exhaust time is accurate. Relative to the gear, the drive belt produces less noise, transmission more accurate. But the drive belt replacement frequency may be faster, so we have to regularly check the belt. In the car running 30,000 km to check the progress of the belt Zhang, and 30,000 km after each maintenance must check a belt.

Drive belt is a rubber part, with the engine working hours increase, car belt and car belt accessories, will be damaged or aging. Therefore, any engine equipped with a drive belt, the need to regularly replace the belt and accessories within the specified period.

Check the belt tension, tension wheel and pump status, found that the problem should be replaced or adjusted. Check the belt teeth no wear and shear, belt side wall with or without cracks, belt back with or without cracks, with or without grease, coolant soaking traces, if any of the above phenomenon, should replace the belt. If you check the timing belt and accessories in good condition, use compressed air to clean the impurities inside the belt cover to extend the life of the belt.

When the drive belt is broken, if the belt is bite, the valve stops and the engine stops running. If the engine is idling, it means that there is a gap between the piston at the top of the stroke and the open valve. In both cases the rupture is damaged only by the timing belt itself. However, if the engine is "interference fit" design, the piston and valve occupy the same space, there is no gap between them, then it will soon damage other parts, such as the valve is bent, the piston is stamping and so on.