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Rubber Drive Belts Deviation To Bring The Harm


Rubber drive belts deviation is the most common fault i […]

Rubber drive belts deviation is the most common fault in the belt conveyor operation, its great harm, from the actual operation of the situation, the deviation of the belt machine running and the impact of production mainly in the following aspects.

Deviation causes production line failure to affect production efficiency. When the rubber drive belts deviation to a certain extent, the belt will trigger for anti-deviation of the downtime detection device, resulting in operating system downtime, affecting the production process. Resulting in abnormal damage to the main components of the equipment. First, the belt deviation to the roller, the roller to bear the axial force increased, causing the drum channeling shaft, roller bearing damage; Second, the belt deviation caused by material spilled on the return belt, causing the belt and drum abnormal wear and tear The life of the drum and the belt; In addition, the running belt in the running and the bracket abnormal friction, resulting in belt edge wear, affecting its service life.

Easy to form equipment security risks. Due to a serious deviation of the rubber drive belts, resulting in belt rolling material, resulting in a single side of the belt force beyond the rubber drive belts longitudinal pull force, causing the belt transverse tear and other security risks. Pollution of the environment, affecting the quality of conveying materials. The material in the process of transporting tobacco leaves scattered at the bottom of the belt, and even some high-altitude belt at the bottom of the smoke caused by flying, causing pollution to the environment at the same time, the material half of the spill also affect the quality of the transport, so that the material can not be proportional, To the ideal place, but also increased the workload of the operating workers.

It can be seen that in the actual operation process, the belt deviation is not only great damage to the V Belt China machine itself, but also the existence of equipment safety hazards, affecting production efficiency, delivery of goods quality, pollution of the environment and other issues. So when we operate the machine to prevent the occurrence of belt deviation phenomenon.