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Rubber Drive Belt - More Convenient to Transfer Items


Rubber Drive Belts are a stretch of rubber that is tigh […]

Rubber Drive Belts are a stretch of rubber that is tightly bound around metal cylinders called drives. The drive will move, thereby moving the belt in a single direction. The rubber drive belt system is often used in factory settings for transporting items from one location to another. An assembly line may use a drive belt system, as will automated packaging systems and other factory applications. The belt itself may be made entirely of rubber, or it may be made from rubber and other materials such as cotton or synthetics for a better grip.

The rubber drive belt itself is often made in layers; the top layer is completely rubber to ensure items do not slip as they are transported, and the bottom layer can be a combination of rubber and cotton or synthetic materials for better durability and prevention of excess stretching with use. The belt is cyclical, meaning it is secured upon itself at a seam. The cylinders are located inside the loop of belt, and they are driven by electric or gas-powered motors to drive the belt in a certain direction. The rubber drive belt can be multi-directional, allowing the direction of travel to be reversed at any time.

The direction of the rubber drive belt system can be changed by running one belt into another belt that runs in a different direction. This allows items to be transported around corners easily. The belts can also be oriented in an upward direction, allowing items to be gradually raised or lowered. Quarries often use rubber drive belt systems to transport rock and other solid material up to a higher elevation so it can then be poured onto a pile below. The belt orientation is adjustable to accommodate the pile as it grows.