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Rubber Doesn't Shrink


How do shrink a Rubber Belt or any rubber material for […]

How do shrink a Rubber Belt or any rubber material for that matter?

Actually, if it really is made of rubber compounds rubber is one of very few materials that shrinks when heated. But if the issue is that it is slipping you either need a new belt, a new belt tensioner or you need to spray some belt dressing on the grooved side as it turns to give it a bit more traction.

Oddly enough, once as a science project I made a rubber band powered motor with a candle placed nearby as a heat source. The rubber bands were stretched onto a wheel on the diagonal. As the wheel turned each rubber band passing the candle shrank and pulled it further around. Then as it passed it returned to a looser state and the next spoke shrank to pull the wheel around.

Almost everything expands with heat, but not rubber.

Rubber doesn't shrink, it's designed to go the other way. All you can do is replace the belt, with the right sized one.

Making it cold, only makes the rubber, depending on the type, hard and often brittle.

You could cut a section out and use a rubber glue or cement, to join it back up. But it's not recommended.

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