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Resulting In Wear And Tear Of Rubber Timing Belt


Hyundai Motor due to environmental protection, comfort […]

Hyundai Motor due to environmental protection, comfort and other performance requirements are getting higher and higher, making the entire engine compact, front-end engine transmission wheel system is increasingly complex. The working status of the train system directly affects the reliability of the vehicle work, especially the timing belt bearing the engine timing with the timing of the transmission. If the Rubber Timing Belt is abnormal, resulting in timing is not synchronized, may cause the valve and the piston impact and thus cause catastrophic damage to the engine.

At present, the timing belt with its unique patented formula materials, global synchronization technology and process standards, strict quality control system for the Chinese auto market to provide high-performance products. But in the daily maintenance we still need to give the appropriate attention to the transmission belt, to avoid some due to improper operation or maintenance caused by premature failure of the belt to bring you the inconvenience.

Rubber is an important component of the drive belt, and the aging process of rubber products is always in progress. In the normal working environment within the transmission belt can achieve an ideal service life, and in the actual use and maintenance, we may be due to some improper handling and affect the life of timing belt.

For modern engines, the compact engine compartment, high compression ratio, turbocharging of some models, etc., will improve the temperature inside the engine compartment so that the belt is working poorly. Experiments show that the service life of the transmission belt decreases sharply with the increase of the ambient temperature.

Timing belt on the transmission system is very high, the same transmission plane parts of the same degree and coaxial degree directly affect the timing of the belt life. In the entire drive plane only the drive belt is a rubber part, any part of the abnormal belt and the components of the interference will seriously damage the drive belt. After the long end of the drive operation, due to wear and other reasons it is likely to destroy the original surface of the same degree or coaxial degree.