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Replace The Rubber Drive Belts With The Safety Measures


Rubber Drive Belts The original belt is cold adhesive, […]

Rubber Drive Belts The original belt is cold adhesive, easy to open plastic, daily maintenance volume, due to long-term use, the belt joints open more serious. Routine maintenance work can not meet future production needs, in order not to affect the production, will use the mine during the shutdown of the belt joints to re-bond. Belt bonding for vulcanization bonding. The belt machine is located in the coal preparation plant in order to complete the task quickly and safely, the preparation of safety technical measures for approval.

Organization of mechanical and electrical backbone, technical personnel to the scene to investigate the new belt transport routes and belts in the tail lifting, placement, construction and transportation starting line to determine the construction program. Before the operation, the construction of the person in charge of the surrounding environment, road conditions and roof conditions to be carefully observed, must be knocked to ask the top, found that the security risks immediately stop the operation, and to deal with, to be hidden after the security risks before they can continue construction.

Before replacing the drive belt, open the connector to the appropriate position, the general should be open to the nose after the release, and must be in the nose behind the drum 10 meters above the distance. Requirements here is located in a spacious and smooth, no slope, the roadway roof no security risks is appropriate, in order to facilitate the construction.

Pull the belt heavy hammer, remove the need to re-bond the belt joints at the safety protection facilities and roller deck, with a special splint to the belt up and down after the laying of the construction platform, the old platform in the work platform to open and polished after cleaning Preparation of vulcanization, assembly vulcanizing machine, the belt joint curing, vulcanization work after the completion of the recovery roller frame and safety protection facilities, notice scheduling power supply test.

Before the test must be on the drive belt above the debris and tools clean up, with sound and light signal to inform the entire belt machine path, and security personnel to inspect, to confirm all the staff left the belt, and the belt without debris, tools, before the test The Start the belt before starting the test drive, tape intermittent movement, so that you can quickly observe any tendency of the belt deviation, in the absence of damage before the belt to stop running.