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Replace Other Parts When You Replace The Rubber Timing Belt


In practice, when changing the Rubber Timing Belt is us […]

In practice, when changing the Rubber Timing Belt is usually also replaced at the same time some other parts, common include belt tensioner, idler and water pump. The belt tensioner is used to provide the belt with the appropriate tension, and the idler is used to change the belt's walking path. The pump is used to circulate the engine cooling water, and many of the engines of the pump are driven by the rubber belt. Change the timing of the belt when the replacement of these components at the same time on the one hand because they will be replaced in the future if the need to change and replace the timing of the same work as the belt, the cost is high, it is better to take advantage of the timing belt engine side has been opened Easily put them into a new, so the car and then open tens of thousands of miles do not have to worry about.

On the other hand, the aging of their bearings may occur after the problem of locking, especially in some poor design of the pump is easy to lock, such as the domestic part of Jetta, Polaris, Passat using the public 5-valve engine pump is easy out of this problem. Once the pump bearing is locked, if it is driven by the timing belt, then this huge resistance may cause the rubber structure of the rubber belt of the lugs to be torn off or torn off, resulting in damage to the rubber belt, the engine Stop working or even damage. So in order to avoid the risk of these energy and save the cost of large, in the replacement of the timing of the belt will often when the tension wheel, idler and pump replaced.

Since the rubber belt is so important, then in addition to the manufacturers recommended by the time of regular replacement, can check the timing of the situation to decide whether to change it? The answer is usually not recommended to do so. There are several reasons: a lot of the engine in order to see the timing belt, need to remove many parts, and can only see a small part of the belt to check all the need to rotate the crankshaft for a period of time to see, , As a direct change. Timing belt in the fracture before the damage is often only a short period of time there will be signs of wear and tear, once the defects will soon be damaged, if not happen in the short period of time to check the words basically do not see the problem, so The actual role of the inspection is rather limited. But the timing of the consequences of the belt is very serious, so it is best not to take risks, honestly in accordance with the recommendations of manufacturers regularly replace the rubber belt.