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Reasons Cause V Ribbed Belt to Slip


One of the most common problems in belt drive systems i […]

One of the most common problems in belt drive systems is V Ribbed Belt slipping, and there are a variety of reasons that can cause the belt to slip. When the v-belt slip your machine will lose efficiency and money. Check to see what is causing your belt to slide. So you do not have to replace your V belts, so you can save the time you need.

The most common cause of belt slippage is due to belt stretching. Although the belt is intended to be stretched, if the machine exerts a large amount of stress on the belt, it usually causes the belt to stretch faster than normal. The wires in the v tape are usually made of polyester material and deteriorate over time. In order to alleviate this problem, the only thing that can be done is to replace the belt with a new belt and, in some cases, replace the stronger V belt.

If you already know the size of a machine belt is correct, and there is no stretch, for some other reasons will be different. Like a belt worn or damaged pulley will cause the belt to slip off. To determine whether the pulley is defective is to purchase a tool to remove the pulley to ensure that the side is in contact with the belt or replace the pulley. When you use the machine, please be careful. The traction of the environment for the belt may vary. For example, if your machine is used in extremely humid places, then this may be the culprit. Or, if your belt is running on a machine that may leak liquid.

The machine is running, the belt to elongation, resulting in traction decreased, so according to the situation, the use of tensioning device appropriate to tighten the belt, increase the belt tension to improve traction. Of course, the conveyor belt in the installation or replacement process to control its length, and tensioning device can only be adjusted within a certain range. When the slope of the conveyor belt reaches a certain angle, the material block is too large to roll easily; humidity is too large, the friction is reduced. And thus control the source of the material is still necessary, such as crushing, screening and other processes of effective convergence.