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Properly Store and Use the Rubber Drive Belts


From the original machinery to the modern automatic equ […]

From the original machinery to the modern automatic equipment has a belt, the drive belt has evolved several times, technology matures. Do you know how to store and use the automotivedrivingbelt Rubber Drive Belts correctly?

When the drive belt is stored, the warehouse temperature should be kept between minus 15 degrees Celsius and 40 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity should be between 50% and 80%. During storage and transportation, avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow leaching, keep clean and prevent contact with substances such as acid-base oils and organic solvents that affect rubber quality. During storage should also avoid the belt to withstand excessive weight and deformation, to prevent mechanical damage, not too bending and extrusion.

Do not stick the grease or other chemicals on the drive belt when used, and the belt and pulley should be kept clean and free from oil and water. Belt installation should check the drive system between the drive shaft and the drive wheel is perpendicular to the drive shaft, whether the parallel transmission wheel, whether in a plane, if not should be corrected. It should be noted that the tool or external force should not be directly on the belt.

Buy the belt to choose the surface clean, no distortion, with a full belt of the belt. Replace the timing belt, you must make the belt tension to a minimum, in order to remove the tape is strictly prohibited in the case of high tension, the use of non-professional tools hard pry down. For your own safety, replace the battery when you replace the belt, so that your hand in the engine room, the fan leaves will accidentally rotate. Before removing the old drive belt, first check the calibration of the drive wheel. If the drive shaft is not parallel or the drive wheel is offset from the axis, the drive will wear the belt in advance. The offset forces the drive belt to twist or entangle during operation, thereby applying an uneven tension on the tension line. In the case of the most serious adjustment is not allowed, the transmission belt may fall off from the transmission wheel.

The complexity of the replacement and installation work depends on the structure of the vehicle, and the installer is usually able to find the required information on the engine or near the road map.