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Please Replace the Timing Belt of the Car Regularly


The timing belt is a steel wire or glass fiber as a str […]

The timing belt is a steel wire or glass fiber as a strong layer, covered with polyurethane or neoprene ring belt, with the inner circumference of the belt made of teeth, so that with the toothed pulley engagement. Synchronous belt drive, the transmission ratio is accurate, small force on the shaft, compact structure, oil resistance, good wear resistance, anti-aging performance.

The timing belt plays a vital role in maintaining the valve and piston in precise order. Each valve and piston assembly must push down the cams on the camshaft at the right moment. Think of a bike who waits until a pedal reaches the top before it can bear it again. If he tries to push the other pedal too quickly, his feet may fall, or the pedal may break. The timing belt is used to prevent the piston and the valve from pushing the camshaft before the camshaft reaches a complete cycle.

Due to the importance of the timing belt, it is necessary to check and replace regularly. When installing the timing belt, if the center distance of the two pulleys can be moved, the center distance of the pulley must be shortened, and the center belt should be reset. If there is a tension wheel, the first tension wheel to relax, and then install the belt, and then loaded on the tension wheel. When loading the timing belt on the pulley, be careful not to use too much force, or use a screwdriver to pry the timing belt to prevent the breakage of the tensile layer in the timing belt. When designing the pulley, it is preferable to use a structure in which the two axes can be moved closer to each other. If the structure is not allowed, it is preferable to install the timing belt with the pulley on the corresponding shaft.

If the timing belt breaks before replacement, the engine can perform a compression test at this point. This test can reveal whether the belt is damaged when the belt is broken. If the timing belt is not installed correctly, this type of valve damage will occur, which is why it is important to ensure that the cam and crank gear are properly synchronized when installing the new Timing Belt Company.