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Please Check Your Timing Belt at a Fixed Time


The belt is probably one of the most popular and most p […]

The belt is probably one of the most popular and most popular in all auto parts. Everyone has their own replacement interval and use theory. This article tries to explain from another point of view.

The timing belt is part of the synchronous valve and piston function. The camshaft and crankshaft are connected by it. Lack of perfect synchronization will make the car engine can not run smoothly. Synchro is one that is responsible for achieving the goal.

Timing belt, also referred to as a timing chain or cam belt, the flat belt with integral teeth is a central pattern for synchronizing the engine valve. The term is also loosely used when it comes to any belt-like component for use in various functions surrounding the vehicle, such as power transmissions. However, the discussion is limited to its application in an internal combustion engine, which is connected to the crankshaft and camshaft, which is connected to the piston action, which is directly responsible for closing the engine valve by opening the fuel flow in the engine.

Introduce timing belts to improve engine efficiency and reduce noise. It consists of a wire reinforced rubber having a gear (semi-cylindrical tooth) embedded in the corresponding groove of the camshaft and timing pulley. When the pulley is rotated, the rubber belt can naturally bend around the pulley, and the rubber does not require a lubrication system for contact with the metal. Torque is transmitted through the teeth to eliminate slippage and minimize friction. The timing belt is also very efficient in powertrain - up to 98%. Their greatest advantage is longevity.

Checking the timing belt is something we have to do every month because it keeps your life safe. If your Timing Belt Manufacturers lacks tension, it will accelerate its wear, too tight will damage the bearing. When maintaining and repairing the car's synchronized belt, you will have to achieve accuracy to achieve the best functionality of all components. If the timing belt is subject to noise due to wear, the interference engine will be more likely to fail. The undisturbed engine is very lucky, but does not work at all unless the replacement is made.