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PK Belt with the Replacement is More Difficult


PK replacement cycle with the engine structure is diffe […]

PK replacement cycle with the engine structure is different, generally in the vehicle to 60,000 km should be replaced. Like other accessories, PK Belt in the factory also has a replacement cycle, many people also found that the actual life of the belt is often longer than the recommended value of the manufacturers, so some users will delay the replacement or even replace the belt, which is to take the risk. Manufacturers only for security reasons, given a certain amount of recommended replacement cycle, in general, 60,000 km should reach the provisions of the automobile manufacturers.

The correct belt replacement, though not very easy to perform, can be done in your garage or lane. Replacing the PK belt is more difficult than changing the fan band and integrating more work. When replacing the timing belt, it is best to replace the pump because it must be removed during this process. Understand the appropriate method of replacing the vehicle timing belt by performing these steps.

First remove the car battery power, pick up the supplier cover. If your car does not have a supplier, make sure the cam position indicator is TDC or Top Deceased Middle. Next turn the motor to ensure that the torque on the crank lever is indicated by "O". You should turn the motor until you use the supplier blade to organize the catalog on the supplier's real estate.

Replace the buckle and other areas and belts to prevent buckle replacement. Keep in mind that each buckle is different and has a different area. Start the buckle and the product tensioner, but do not just eliminate them. Keep the tensioner away from the buckle and then tighten and tighten the product to place the tensioner in the correct position. When sliding, remove the motor and remove it from the motor. After the release of the tensioner, it should be easy to fall.

You should not ignore reading and viewing guides when making PK belt replacement. You should be familiar with the replacement steps, in the modification of the necessary car parts, be careful, pay attention to each part of the removal. In addition, you should always keep the parts on your pulley. Only to do this, you can effectively replace your PK band, and then your car can work properly.