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Measuring the V Belt Helps to Replace it Correctly


Today we look at how to measure a V Belt so that you ca […]

Today we look at how to measure a V Belt so that you can replace it correctly. You need to measure both the top width and the outside of the two measurements. The tools you need are belt measuring tools, hard tape or soft tape. To obtain the top width of the belt, simply measure the width of the belt. To obtain an external measurement, mark a starting point on the belt and apply it to the hard disk. Through these two measurements, we can get the appropriate replacement belt.

Why is the belt of the belt may be worn? Check their V-belt encountered a common problem is v with a back cover of the wear, the belt wear too many common reasons are: the belt rub on the protective cover, The belt is a pry open, loose or back idler problem, you can know whether the belt is rubbing on the belt guard, just wrap the belt on the pulley, if at any time contact the belt shield, then it may be your problem The only way to tell you if this is the case, see how the belt is installed, if too loose may lead to the belt hit the belt guard, one of the most neglected The reason is that the back of the idler pulley, under normal circumstances, the pulley of the bearings will become frozen, causing the belt to slide on the pulley, which will bring additional pressure to the belt lead to belt failure or premature wear.

These problems can be solved. For example, if you are sure that your belt is rubbing against the belt guard, you can simply remove the belt cover and replace the belt. If you believe that the belt may have been pryed, you will have to buy a new belt and install it according to the manufacturer's specifications. The reason people often pry them is because they forgot to loosen the idler pulley before installation. It may be loose due to the use of the wrong belt or the proper tensioning of the belt. If there is a problem with the back idler, simply replace the bearing or the entire pulley system.

Do not replace it when your belt fails on the machine. See what the cause is. In most cases, the belt will provide you with every information you need. There are many reasons why the belt may break. For example, too much heat accumulation. There is the belt with the storage. The belt needs to be stored in the sun instead area with extreme temperature. They also need to be in a non-humid place. In general, if stored correctly, the belt can last up to 5-7 years of storage.