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It is Necessary to Maintain the CTV Belt


Over the past two decades, important research work has […]

Over the past two decades, important research work has been directed towards the development of vehicle transmissions that reduce vehicle energy consumption. This effort is a direct consequence of the growing environmental problem, that is, enforcement of instructions to reduce emissions and improve vehicle efficiency. Continuously variable transmission (CVT Belt) provides a continuous transmission ratio between the required limits to improve fuel economy and dynamic performance by better matching engine operating conditions to variable driving conditions. Continuously variable transmission is a new type of automotive gearbox technology, which provides continuous transmission between high and low extremes, moving parts less. Thereby enhancing the fuel economy and acceleration performance of the vehicle by allowing better matching of engine operating conditions and variable driving scenes.

CVT is the current use of automotivedrivingbelt CVT belt to bring the drive, which is the most used is the triangle belt, how to prevent the belt slip it, first of all we have to understand the belt technology and composition. Of course, this can be found on the Internet, here is not clear, skidding is also closely related with the usual maintenance, well-maintained belt is not easy to slip, if the wear belt is best replaced, in order to make the machine better Of the work, in the use and maintenance of the belt have to pay attention.

Slip is the CVT belt often appear, in fact, no big deal, but can avoid to avoid, in order not to affect the work efficiency, we usually only need to do the belt maintenance work, often check the belt is a problem, if found abnormal You have to timely replacement.

When storing the CVT belt, the room temperature is kept as low as 15 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius, and the belt is prevented from being subjected to excessive weight to deformation, to prevent mechanical damage, the belt should not be too curved and squeezed. During transport, avoid direct sunlight or rain, keep clean and prevent contact with substances such as acid and alkali and organic solvents that affect CVT.