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How to Maintain a Rubber Drive Belt


Today, we have to talk about the maintenance of Rubber […]

Today, we have to talk about the maintenance of Rubber Drive Belts problems. Rubber drive belt by the ambient temperature, transmission system, splashing foreign body, lubricants, timing belt bending, installation tension and other factors affect its service life.

For modern engines, the compact engine compartment, high compression ratio, turbocharging of some models, etc., will improve the temperature inside the engine compartment so that the belt is working poorly. Experiments show that the service life of the transmission belt decreases sharply with the increase of the ambient temperature. In the summer, when you ignore the pointer to the water temperature table, not only is the damage to your engine also accelerating the consumption of your drive belt.

Transmission belt on the transmission system is very high, the same transmission plane parts of the same degree and coaxial degree directly affect the life of the belt. In the entire drive plane only the transmission belt is a rubber part, any part of the abnormal belt and the components of the interference will seriously damage the drive belt. After prolonged operation of the drive face, it is likely to damage the same degree or coaxiality due to wear and other reasons.

Due to the complexity of the car driving situation, it is very likely that in the external harsh driving environment so that the timing belt or synchronous pulley splashed into foreign matter, foreign matter in high-speed operation of the state, like a knife in the non-stop cutting the belt will be fast Resulting in damage to the drive belt. In the harsh environment after driving, check the transmission system in time whether there is foreign body splash!

Lubricants will accelerate the aging process of rubber. Therefore, in the demolition, installation of the transmission belt, if your hands stained with grease, please wipe clean and then operate! Remember, do not put the drive belt in the oil. If your belt is accidentally dirty, please use it carefully, it is best to replace it immediately.

So that the impact of rubber belt or a lot of factors, for your safety, usually pay attention to its maintenance, regular inspection and replacement.