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How do You Know That Drive Belt Should be Replaced


Car belts are the most important part of the car system […]

Car belts are the most important part of the car system. It includes include belt alternators, air pumps, power steering pumps, fan drive belts and timing belts. It is used in cars and other light trucks and motor vehicles.

There are several different types of belts for cars, such as serpentine belts, V-belts. The serpentine belt is the most commonly used belt type for most cars and trucks. This type of belt is usually powered by many accessories. They are designed to save space by connecting most attachments on the same plane, eliminating the need for stacking or staggered parts before or after each other. V-belt is still used in Hyundai, which is usually used to power a single accessory. They are fairly simple and suitable for V-type pulleys. Sometimes they are used in pairs on trucks or other powerful vehicles.

However, these are slightly smaller and smaller, and therefore require more frequent replacement. How do I check the drive belt? First check the belt tension and the general situation. This step is very useful for ensuring that the vehicle is in a normal state. Check the drive belt, should pay attention to many aspects. Such as cracks, the presence of burrs and missing ribs. Either of these problems should be dealt with.
Secondly, you should make sure that you check the entire length of the belt surface. In addition to the above elements, sometimes the vehicle may produce screams, which may be signs of loss or wear. This is because the loose belt may slide and then produce screams, causing the alternator to vibrate rapidly, making it easier to vibrate. If the signs of piercing is quite obvious, it is best to replace the drive belt to ensure safety.

In addition to the above, it is also important to check the drive belt before the problem occurs. If the drive has any problems, you should know why. If necessary, you should replace the drive belt. The correct state of the drive belt ensures that the vehicle is operating in good condition.More to visit: