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From Another Point of View Timing Belt


The timing components play an important role in maintai […]

The timing components play an important role in maintaining the internal combustion engine. The main component of the application is the timing belt. Also referred to as a timing chain or cam belt, the flat belt with integral teeth is a central pattern for synchronizing the engine valve. The term is also loosely used when it comes to any belt-like component for use in various functions surrounding the vehicle, such as power transmissions.

However, the discussion is limited to its application in an internal combustion engine, which is connected to the crankshaft and camshaft, which is connected to the piston action, which is directly responsible for closing the engine valve by opening the fuel flow in the engine. The synchronization of both is critical because the fuel flow (intake and exhaust) must be properly synchronized with the movement of the piston for the combustion process and the use of energy to be effectively utilized, especially in a four-stroke engine.

It is necessary to check the integrity of the timing belt every month. Buy a car timing belt kit is applied to the system. It will save you time and money, otherwise you have to spend on professional services. When checking, make sure the engine is not running. In this case there is a serious accident risk

Failure to detect a faulty belt may be an expensive mistake depending on whether the engine is described as interfering with the engine or without interference. If the timing belt is subject to noise due to wear, the interference engine will be more likely to fail. The undisturbed engine is very lucky, but does not work at all unless the replacement is made. The common recommendation of the technician is to replace the pump when the pump is replaced because the two components are adjacent to each other during repair / replacement. Either way, the cost of implementing the above method is relatively more economical, such as a Timing Belt Company, compared to an alternative.