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Drive Belts Need to be Replaced


The Rubber Drive Belts or more generally the drive belt […]

The Rubber Drive Belts or more generally the drive belt is any belt that transmits the axial movement of the motor to another device. In automotive applications, the drive belt may take the form of a V-belt or a serpentine belt and allow the motor to drive accessories such as alternators, power steering pumps or air conditioning compressors. V-type and serpentine belts are made of rubber and can be reinforced with a variety of materials such as steel and polyester.

They consist of long, sturdy belts that connect to different belts, which are connected to different car functions. These peripherals include belt alternators, air pumps, power steering pumps, fan drive belts and timing belts. It is used in cars and other light trucks and motor vehicles. However, these are somewhat weaker and smaller and hence require more frequent replacement from time to time.

In general, older vehicles will use multiple V-belts, while newer vehicles will use a single snake-like steering belt. However, some applications will use two or more serpentine bands or pair the smaller V-belt with a larger serpentine band. Each v-belt usually requires its own tensioning wheel and drives one or two accessories, and the serpentine belt can supply power for all accessories present in the engine. There is only one belt and a tensioner, which can save design space and replace the time required. The snake-like pulley is generally wider than the V-belt pulley, but since a snake belt can do more v-belt work for the application.

But no matter what kind of drive belt, the provisions of the time are to be replaced. When we replace the belt, in most cases, the front clutch is separated. Do not be nervous now because it takes only two minutes to fix it. Whenever the belt falls off, breaks or is being replaced, we need to realize that the tape is gone and the front clutch is not kept in pressure, so they are disintegrated internally, but as long as they are reloaded on the belt.

Under normal circumstances for the common 60000 ~ 8000 km, there are longer, such as 80000 ~ 100000 km need to replace the positive drive belt. Time is not completely uniform, because the brand cars have their own vehicle requirements, the specific time, or a car to buy their own requirements prevail.