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Drive Belt Vs Speed Reducer


Drive belts are the most important part of the automobi […]

Drive belts are the most important part of the automobile system. These are the control parts from where everything is regulated. These are ideal for drives where pulsating loads are present and protect the belt from external damage. These are of many types, including AC belts, fan drive belts, distributor Drive Belt, V belts, and serpentine belts.

Drive belts are commonly used in cars because of their simplicity and efficiency. Vehicles generally consist a long, sturdy belt that connects to different other belts, which in turn connect to different automotive functions. These peripheral belts include the belt alternator, air pump, power steering pump, fan drive belt and timing belt. It is used in cars as well as other light trucks and motor vehicles. However, these are somewhat weaker and smaller and hence require more frequent replacement from time to time.

Companies related to automotive V belts, oil seals and power transmission accessories, and automobile transmission manufacture multi-pull poly V-belts, shaft mounted speed reducer, and drive belts. These products are of great use for the people who have light vehicles or the companies that produce light vehicles.

Other well-known automobile products are shaft mounted speed reducer. These are helical gear reducer designed for mounting directly on the drive shaft. These are widely available in market, having various metric in design as well as range and quality. Shaft mounted speed reducer allows considerable cost reductions and provide maximum positioning flexibility with easy installation and maintenance to the various automobile systems such as cars and other light motor vehicles.

The shaft mounted speed reducer come in two variations. One is truly shaft mounted and the other is mounted to the driven machine housing. In the former, it is supported entirely by the input shaft of the drive machine, with torque reaction absorbed by a special link. While in the later, it is mounted to the driven-machine housing, so that the input shaft does not absorb reducer weight or torque reaction.